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How can I sign up with my friends?

NCS is a great way to meet new people and make new friends! Check out our video here.

If you feel that you would benefit from being with a friend on the NCS programme, you can request this once you have submitted your application (maximum of 3 friends). You and your friend will both need to apply for the same date and go to school in the same area.  

Please contact us and tell us your friend’s full name. Your friend will need to add your name to their application too. Bear in mind we cannot guarantee that you will be placed together, we will try our best! Signing up early will increase your chances!

Cold feet?

Many young people find that even though they have been placed on a different team or programme from their friends, NCS leads itself to meeting new people through team building activities. Your Senior Mentor is also a great person to lean on when you are unsure. We allow a limited number of young people from any one school on each programme, and therefore the programme will be the first time many young people meet one another. Throughout NCS, and particularly at the beginning, there will be many team games and icebreakers to ensure that you get to know the other young people in the team.

One of the best parts of NCS is meeting so many new people and making new friends. Click here to see some of our previous participants' experiences. The teams for each programme are allocated a couple of days before NCS starts. You will find out what team you are in on the first day.

Please note that the accommodation on NCS is single gender and any room sharing requests are not guaranteed and will only be confirmed on your first day of NCS.


“If you’re anxious just do it, there’s so many people and everyone is so similar…There’s so many different people that there isn’t any chance you’re not going to meet at least one person that you get along with. Everyone is so nice and there is no chance of getting picked on or anything. Even the staff are really lovely and they are good to have a laugh with. It doesn’t feel like school.” Eve

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