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Will I be safe on the programme?

The Challenge is a trusted organisation and we take the safety of the young people doing NCS very seriously.

The risk of serious injury is extremely small but it is not non-existent. We take a great deal of care over the safety of our participants. However, as with any adventure activities, there will be some factors beyond our control. You will be briefed before every activity and we expect you to follow the safety procedures explained to you and to tell us if you are not sure what we expect of you.

We never force you to do an activity and if you have any concerns you should let your instructor know.

The level of risk associated with NCS activities is normally very low, and probably no greater than that experienced by active people in everyday life.

All of our staff are enhanced DBS checked (previously CRB) and undergo training to work on our programme. During the programme, the minimum staff to young person ratio will be 1:14 at all times (so there will be one member of staff for every 14 young people on NCS).

As well as only using carefully selected programme staff, NCS is delivered with the support of a group of approved organisations which together have extensive experience of working with young people and providing adventurous activities. Our partners for some programmes include Field Studies Council (FSC), Surrey Outdoor Learning and Development / PGL and Entrust Outdoor Education Centres.

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