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What if I can't do the dates I have chosen?

We will try to give you a place on the programme according to the dates you have chosen on your application.

Each NCS programme has a fixed set of dates. If the dates you have chosen no longer work for you,  you may be able to move to a different set of dates. To do this, ask your parent or guardian to get in touch with us. The sooner they do this, the greater your chance of getting a confirmed place on a different date.

We have a limited number of spaces so it is best to request any change as soon as possible.

If all the dates you have chosen are full, you can be added to a waiting list. This will mean you will have to give up the place you already have and you may not be eligible for a refund. We would then contact you if a space becomes available.

If it’s just a day or two you cannot attend, you may be able to take it off as an absence instead and keep your confirmed programme dates. 

If you can no longer take part in NCS, please contact us as soon as possible so another young person can benefit.

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