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I have a provisional place - when will I hear from you?

A provisional place on NCS means that we cannot confirm your place yet. This is usually because we need to follow up on your medical and support information on your application.

What we may do next to process your application

We may call your parent or guardian to ask some questions about supporting you on NCS and if necessary, agree on providing any of the following:

  • Make our staff aware of a medical condition that you have and manage yourself. 

  • Adapt the programme to enable you to participate in NCS safely. This can be to either the daily activities, the accommodation and/ or transport to and from the meeting points and centre. We may also request for specialist equipment to be provided if it is needed.

  • Recruit a support worker to provide tailored support for you during the programme. 

Once we feel we have all the necessary things in place to take you away safely on NCS, we will confirm your place.

If it has been two weeks and you have not heard from us, please get in touch.

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