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What is the standby waiting list?

As NCS is very popular, a number of people do end up on the waiting list. To improve your chance of getting a place, we sometimes offer a standby waiting list.

If some participants don’t turn up to the first day of NCS even though they have a confirmed place, we like to offer this place to someone who is on the waiting list and eager to go on NCS at short notice. This means we will ask if you are happy to come to the meeting point of the first day of the programme with your bags packed. If a place becomes available on the day, then you will jump on the coach and start the programme!

If a place becomes available on any of the programmes you are on the waiting list for, we will still offer you a confirmed place which means you will come off the standby waiting list.

If a place doesn't become available:

  • we can see if there are any spaces on the day at another nearby programme location;
  • we can look at other programme dates or the possibility of being on a standby waiting list for another programme;
  • you can stay on the waiting list for any later dates you have chosen;
  • we will give you a shopping voucher as a thank you gift for coming along and give you a full refund at the end of summer, if you are eligible. You can of course choose to go on a future programme with us, providing you meet our age eligibility criteria.

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