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Where will the meeting points be and how will I travel?

You will need to travel to a meeting point in or near to your local area. This is usually in your school’s borough or a neighbouring borough. Your parent or guardian is responsible for organising your travel between home and the meeting points at the start and return times shown on your timetable. Please note that in some areas, you may need to travel around 30 minutes on public transport to your meeting point.

Travel arrangements between the meeting point and the venue

You will be accompanied by staff during all journeys from and back to the meeting points during the programme.

During Phase 1 you will travel by coach (with other young people on your programme) from your meeting point to the outdoor activity venue and back. Depending on where your activity venue is, you could travel up to 6 hours. We will make it exciting, don’t worry!

Exact meeting points for each programme will be sent out to participants approximately one month before the start of the programme. This is because we need to confirm all venues before we send these details. We try our best to select meeting points that are easily accessible.

If you are due to start your NCS programme within a month and have not received your timetable, please contact us.

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