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When is the deadline for making up hours so you can graduate?

We will let you know by email if you need to make up hours. We encourage you to make up your hours in time for your celebration event so you can receive your certificate there.

You can still make up hours after your celebration event; you will have two months from the end of your programme to make up hours missed for any absence, to receive your certificate.

For example, if your programme ends on the 1st August, you will have up to the 1st October of the same year to make up your hours.

You are unable to graduate and get a certificate after this set date.

You can still collect your certificate during graduate events if you cannot attend your celebration event. Alternatively please contact us so we can discuss other options.

If you miss too much of your NCS programme, you may not be able to graduate. Read our absence policy to find out more.

If you are ineligible to graduate because you have missed too much of NCS, we will contact you and your parent or guardian by email.

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