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What if I have dietary requirements or food allergies?

We always try our best to ensure that NCS is as inclusive as possible and make adjustments to cater for dietary requirements, including halal, kosher, vegan, and gluten-free food. Where we are unable to, we will always provide a vegetarian option. In some rare cases, it may be necessary for young people to bring their own food or cooking equipment with them on the programme, but we will discuss this with you.

Young people who have an EpiPen will need to bring 2 EpiPens with them on NCS and make sure it is recorded on the application form, along with the details of the allergies. We will need the parent or guardian (or the young person) to give a demonstration to staff on how to administer the EpiPen on the first day of the programme. They will also need to let us know where the EpiPen is being kept.

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