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How does a waiting list work?

If your programme dates in your area are full, we will place you on a waiting list. Places often become available due to changes to other young people's availability, which means they can no longer go on the programme. Therefore we recommend you stay on the waiting list as you still have a good chance of getting a place on the programme. 

What's next?
It is possible to be on a waiting list for multiple programmes to increase your chances of getting a place. You may want to consider whether you are able to travel to a programme based in another location, as this will increase your chances of securing a place. If you’re willing to travel slightly further, please contact us. New spaces are allocated to the people on the waiting list who completed their applications for NCS first.

We will do everything we can to try to get you on the programme and will be in touch as soon as there is any change. Alternatively, you can also move your application to a future programme*.

* You will need to meet our age eligibility criteria.

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