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How can I pay?

We will never ask you for more than £50 to apply for NCS. Everything on the programme is then all inclusive, from food and accommodation to transport to the amazing things you’ll be getting up to!

If you have been given the option to submit part of your application at your school or college, through a 'limited time only' offer, you will be able to pay for NCS at your school or college. Just check with your local NCS coordinator how you can pay as not all schools are able to collect cash.

If you're paying by cash,  a member of our staff will give you a written receipt.

If you pay by cheque, please make sure it’s payable to 'The Challenge Network'. You will need to write the young person's name on the back clearly and attach a note with the parent or guardian's name and postcode.

Our postal address is:

The Challenge

Mezz Floor

Elizabeth House

39 York Road



If you would like to pay by card, please call 0800 197 8010 to make a payment over the phone. You will also have the option to pay by card when you complete your application online.

We would never want the cost to stop you from applying for your NCS experience. If you are not sure if you can afford it, please get in touch.

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