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What if a young person going on the programme has challenging behaviour?

The Challenge aims to support those with challenging behaviour to allow them to take part and get the best out of NCS.

As safety is our main concern, we review each application, particularly paying attention to the medical and support information provided.

If we are told that a young person has difficulty with following clear rules and boundaries, we will contact the parent or guardian to discuss this. In some cases we will contact schools, professionals or other specialists for more information. We then come to a decision about the young person and how much support they may need on NCS. If needed, we will put extra staff support in place for the young person.

In all cases, we will make relevant staff aware of any challenging behaviour so they can support the young person, and the whole team. We also have a code of conduct. We explain this to young people at the start of the programme and we expect them to follow it. The code of conduct contains some rules about the behaviour we expect on the programme, including safety rules, the law, and respecting and including other people.

If a young person seriously or persistently breaks the code of conduct, staff will assess the situation and decide on the most suitable action. In some cases, we may ask the young person to leave the programme.

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