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Can I apply if I have a criminal record?

NCS is an inclusive programme and is for all eligible young people, whether in education, training or not and regardless of income, background or ambitions.

If you currently have or have had involvement with the youth justice system, we encourage you to apply as this may not prevent you from taking part in NCS.

You should submit your full application as soon as possible, providing us with full details of your history.

Our team may then contact you, your parent or guardian, or other professionals who are working with you to ask for further information. This is to ensure you receive the appropriate support on NCS and you remain safe and engage in NCS.

We will then assess your application and offer acceptance at The Challenge’s discretion.

We offer a wide range of support during NCS to ensure everyone is able to make the most of this amazing opportunity. We assess everyone individually to find out their needs. This can include an extra team mentor or a dedicated one to one member of staff. We work with Youth Offending Teams to make sure adaptations are made. We can work around the provisions of an order for those on an electronic tag. Support is planned so that it does not identify you as having contact with the youth justice system and protects your confidentiality. If you would like to find out more, please contact us and we will put you in touch with the local Outreach team.

“I didn’t expect they’d be so different from me or that I’d get on with them. I thought I’d just be with the other young offenders. I didn’t think I’d get on with them but they were alright, pretty cool.” - James

“The best thing was seeing Gorge playing on the fusball table with a young person from a boarding school and another young person who was an unaccompanied minor. Gorge wouldn’t usually speak to people outside of his gang so this was a really big achievement”. Sean, a mentor

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