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What if I have Special Educational Needs?

We are able to accommodate a large range of Special Educational Needs as long as we are fully informed of them in appropriate time before the programme starts.

The full application, including medical and support information, should be submitted as soon as possible, providing us with full details of your needs. Our team may then contact you or your parent or guardian, to ask for further information or to discuss any additional support we could provide. In some cases we may require a doctor or other professional's input, for more detailed information..

1 to 1 support is available, and this will be based on individual assessment. We can also make adaptations to transport and equipment. All additional support is provided at no extra cost. Our team will be in touch to discuss this, and in some cases, we may suggest you participate in a neighbouring area where the support available is more suitable to your needs. During NCS, where necessary, we will adapt activities for the whole team to ensure you can be included in the entire schedule, and aren’t asked to do something different. We focus on the young people challenging themselves, and you would never be forced to do any activity that you are uncomfortable with.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities for support on our programme, please call us on 0333 150 2425. The busiest times for our inclusion contact centre team are normally between 3-7 Mon-Fri, contacting us outside of these hours will usually result in a shorter waiting time.

“Cameron wouldn’t go anywhere without me before the summer, he wouldn’t do anything before NCS. Liam went to a pupil referral unit close to our home but his attendance was very bad. But since NCS he is playing rugby with a teacher at school and he even went out on his lunch break, had his hair cut and then returned to school. A lot of people would think that these things he has achieved are normal things, but they’re not for Liam. He finds them very hard and after not leaving the house for nearly two years, I am just so proud of how far he has come. At the showcase, all the young people had to present in front of an audience. Cameron would never usually have a conversation with anyone or speak that much. He stood up and sent one sentence and I was so proud” - Cameron’s Mother

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